Go hard or go home

Now that my well hidden muscles almost recovered from my last workout at the Balboa Garage over a year ago (–> Read the blog post) a lot has changed. While Balboa has become a brand and opened a brand-new gym I just got lazy and apparently also forgetful. How could I otherwise accept another invite for a workout?But it is funny how the brain works sometimes; like when you get on the world’s fastest rollercoaster despite your fear of heights. Looking back you just remember the thrill and not the vomiting, passing out, & death wishes during the ride. Same here.

After a welcome speech and a tour of the premises, which are extremely cool by the way, we were asked to change and be in the “temple” (main workout room) in 10 minutes. With the wisdom of hindsight I finally understand the name. This is the place where chubby pencil pushers get sacrified to the gods of fitness.

The workout itself was a short mix of some of the classes Balboa offers. The offering ranges from running groups to the classic 300 and even breakdance fitness. The spectrum is quite broad and should fit couch potatoes or warriors.

One of the highlights of the new gym is that it has a fully fledged bar and lounge area where they make proper drinks. Although this may seem contradictory it actually fits the spirit of the whole brand and I personally also thinks reflects society quite well. or do you really think that pro athletes only drink juice and water during their leisure time? No harm to drink a beer or cocktail after a hard workout, since most probably you are not aiming at next year’s Mr. universe anyhow. So if you are more the sadist than the masochist, you may as well just chill at the bar and amuse yourself watching the poor souls torture themselves through the glass floor (yes, they actually cut a whole into the floor and covered it with glass).

One last tip: Do not choose your coach by the looks – they are deceiving and there is no weak link. Today a harmless appearing lady sent us to hell and she lead the way…while smiling and clapping! I was sweating so hard that a guy started to build an Ark next to me.

Join the movement!

For more info visit: www.balboamove.ch