Heavy Metal

If you are active on any social media platform it is impossible to avoid the current fitness frenzy. Hashtags like #beastmode, #fitnessislife or #workhard paired with motivational quotes like “pain is weakness leaving the body” are all over the place. And sure, we all would love to have that perfect instagram body, but we also love the good life and the occasional pizza.

Now that the universally detested month of November is around the corner there is no better time to start working on that summer body ’18. But before you start pumping more iron the Arnie you should have a plan; a workout plan. And some help.

The journey to your new body starts with a thorough analysis of your strengths and especially your weaknesses. Although you may not believe it, the way to bigger arms starts with your legs and not with biceps curls…so unless you aim for more than disco pumps (check the urban dictionary) you should find a gym with well-educated staff, which nowadays is not an easy task. Depending on your budget you may either choose a Discounter – which is fine if you have the nerve to wait in line for a treadmill – or hire a personal trainer – which is fine if you are not planning on sending your kids to college. So what’s left?

Well, you may have a look at the brand-new Klub der Sportfreunde.

Two friends, one idea: a high quality training experience for everybody, no matter if beginner or pro athlete.

Ilir Halili (left) and Ady Kraft (right)

800 square meter of state of the art equipment sponsored by Eleiko are waiting to break you and make you wish you would have passed on that chocolate cake last night.

The two fully committed coaches assemble a large list of degrees and experience being therefore able to put together the most efficient routine for every member. They are even targeting people with disabilities and/or limited mobility to help with the recovery –  serious business.

If you still need a motivational kick you may start by getting some new functional gym wear. Just by lacing up a new pair of kicks you will feel instantly fitter… Add a salad and some chicken breast and you are ready to go.

PS: Don’t forget to start your own Instagram account #fitnessmodel