If you have ever spent a weekend in Madrid you are no stranger to late dinners, drinks, never-ending fiesta and usually more drinks. MaƱana is always far away until you wake up in need of lots of water and food.

Remember when Biggie used to eat sardines for dinner? Well, twenty-odd years later the food of choice for young, broke and aspiring rappers is the omnipresent burger.

In a city of 20 million people time is the most precious good and traffic your worst enemy.

What’s your first thought when you hear Tequila? No, not that one….exactly, the other one: a red sombrero.

If you happen to be in Belgrade and you are looking for a different, yet delicious dining experience, then you will love the Salon 5.

If you are one of the less fortunate people who has to work during summer in an overheated and sticky office, then a little break from your daily routine may just work wonders for you.

The title of this article may be a little misleading because although you may be physically for 72 hours in Belgrade chances are that you won’t remember half of it.