Be water my friend

I have been asked to test and comment on Evian’s latest product: Evian Fruits & Plantes. Now that’s going to be a tricky one, because I really like still water but I really dislike flavoured water. So let’s see…

Since my opinion in this matter may be less credible than a promotion with an asterisk, I have asked my partner in crime to support me in this matter and give her input as well. Just to have an unbiased opinion and also the feminine point of view.

Let’s start by the design of the new bottles first:

The shape and the three available colours are quite girlie. Especially the colours will attract rather the ladies I would say. Yes, for once I agree. I believe the target group are females. But why do they send you the samples? Maybe you should overthink your concept 🙂


Now, that we have determined the lack of testosterone of my blog let’s tackle the main question, namely: How does the new beverage taste?

Yellow: Lemon & Elderflower

This is the most appealing bottle to me. The light yellow looks fresh and somehow not too sweet, although in reality it contains sugar, actually quite a fair amount of it, 4.6%. The taste is quite enjoyable. I wouldn’t have chosen the yellow one as my first pick, but I do like the taste of it. Tastes like Ice Tea with grapes (Editor’s note: There is actually grape juice in it)

Pink: Grape & Rose Petals

This is my favourite bottle – pink! The only thing I like about the colour is the resemblance to rosé. Yes, and if you are pregnant and don’t want to tell just pour it into a wine glass and nobody will notice. Well, you could also just get everybody drunk and nobody will remember-why go through all the hassle? You guys, never notice anyway. I can tell immediately. It’s our intuition. So, what does your 6th sense tell you about the drink? It tastes sweeter than the previous one and I am not a big fan of the rose flavour. (Editor’s note: There is less sugar in this one – Ha! So much for intuition… ) I kinda like it. Cannot decide yet if its better or worse than the first one; will be a close race.

Fuchsia: Raspberry & Vervain

This is definitely not my colour. It’s too aggressive. Definitely a no-go. Pah! I like it and it reminds me of summer. But it is way too sweet. Yeah, I told you it’s toxic!! 🙂 5.4% sugar. It needs to be ice-cold. Actually all of them need to be in the freezer. Sure, but that’s not specific to this drinks, I would say it’s the same for every soft drink in the world. I was expecting somehow water with some flavour, but not a soft drink.


Time for the verdict:

We decided both clearly and independently that the yellow bottle is our winner. It’s the most refreshing of the three and it is does not taste overly sweet. To be honest we were both expecting something totally different and what astonished us the most is that the beverage is a soft drink and not water. Nowadays that everybody wants to live young and healthy this is a bold move. The market is quite saturated and very though. Although the brand and image may help it is going to be a long road. I actually think that the new product will be more popular with teenagers and women because the design may be more appealing to them.

This may now sound very critical but to put things into the right perspective I will admit that I was positively surprised and I liked the new products more than I was initially expecting. The thing is just that I will continue to be loyal to the original on a daily basis because I am set in my ways.

To learn more about the new products visit:

Special thanks to Richterich & Partner for the very cool box.