Party hard, brunch harder

If you have ever spent a weekend in Madrid you are no stranger to late dinners, drinks, never-ending fiesta and usually more drinks. Mañana is always far away until you wake up in need of lots of water and food.

So how about an all you can eat and drink brunch at the Hyatt sound like? Most probably expensive and uptight, right? Well, not in this case. The Hyatt Centric on Gran Via offers a complete brunch menu for a flat fee of 35€, including drinks and live music. The new concept tries to break the common (mis)perception of the ultra expensive and often conservative hotel venues and make it more attractive to a younger audience, hence a DJ and a barman.

Besides the more traditional dishes like cocido madrileño (stew), cold cuts or eggs, the chef at Hielo y Carbon tries to include also international influences from the Japanese and mainly Peruvian cuisine.

I know you are still second-guessing the price especially because a ham sandwich in many places is offered for 1€ but consider the following: a) How good can a sandwich be that costs less than a visit to a public toilet in Switzerland, b) do you really want to hang out in that place for more than two minutes, well three if you factor in your visit to the toilet after eating that “ham” (and don’t get me started about toilets in spanish bars…) and most importantly c) you didn’t think about the price for that last round of cheap tequila shots last night, did you? On the contrary you could spend the early afternoon in a fancy place with a glass of sparkling wine and enjoying some music and the view of the busy Gran Via.

If you haven’t booked a table by now I wish you all the best with your next hangover – I will be thinking of you over some fresh shrimps and a glass of white wine.

Many thanks to the team at Hielo y Carbon for having us and taking such good care of us. We really enjoyed it! Muchas gracias.