The quest for inner peace

Recently I visited my first ever Yoga class, something I had been contemplating for a while now, but never really pulled through. Until I got an invitation by the guys at Lululemon for a Yoga class at my favourite gym in town.

The reason I had been reluctant to attend Yoga classes is that there is this misconception of being a sport for women, although I have been reading many articles in guys magazines lately regarding the added value of Yoga in connection with “traditional” sports. I was shocked by my own narrow-mindedness and decided on the spot to attend the class and prove myself that I can do better than that.

So I arrived at the scheduled time to the gym, all proud to be a modern and open-minded member of society and to my surprise there were only girls except for one other guy and the instructor… All of a sudden I became very self-conscious about my non-pedicured feet; go figure!

Luckily the guys at Lululemon were kind enough to provide the perfect outfit for Yoga classes so that I could blend in. At least I wouldn’t draw unnecessary attention with my old give-away shirts from a local brewery company. Nothing worse than all the fashion crimes you see in many gyms. Not only that it is a fashion-free zone but apparently a grooming-free zone as well. Do yourself a favour and get some functional gear. I got a great pair of shorts from Lululemon that may be used for running as well as Yoga and contains Silverescent technology which prevents you from smelling like a wet dog.

Turns out the outfit would be the least of my problems. I knew that I am not really flexible but next to me a Playmobile figure looks like Mr. Fantastic. And I also didn’t quite understand all the commands, you know all those stretching dogs and cosmic flower poses, but I managed a handstand and a bridge for the first time in decades. And I really excelled at laying on my back and closing my eyes.

In hindsight I must say that the teachers (Mirjam and Florian) made a great job and really tried to help with the poses and make everybody feel welcome. And I really believe that if you start doing Yoga on a regular basis you will not only feel better but also really form your body- not in a bodybuilder kind of way but you will become leaner. And there has been already a boys only class and depending on the success this may become a regular event.

Special thanks to Lululemon for making this happen!