In a city of 20 million people time is the most precious good and traffic your worst enemy.

What’s your first thought when you hear Tequila? No, not that one….exactly, the other one: a red sombrero.

If you are one of the less fortunate people who has to work during summer in an overheated and sticky office, then a little break from your daily routine may just work wonders for you.

Now that my well hidden muscles almost recovered from my last workout at the Balboa Garage over a year ago (–> Read the blog post) a lot has changed. While Balboa has become a brand and opened a brand-new gym I just got lazy and apparently also forgetful. How could I otherwise accept another invite for a workout?

In a place where dozens of new restaurants open every season, it is helpful to have a safe bet to turn to for a casual lunch or dinner.

What do you do when you have tasted every possible Gin on the market? Usually you enroll into a rehab clinic and share a room with Charlie Sheen or even better;  you produce your own Gin and try to sell it to Mr. Tiger Blood and his pals.