Razzia Zurich

In Zurich we have become very used to openings, re-openings, pre-openings and all kind of other soft and hard openings. In fact, there is hardly a week without a new bar, club or restaurant trying to claim to be the best thing since sliced bread.

The hype around this place has been comparable to Kimye’s wedding. Only that you won’t be allowed to step in while wearing a white Batman costume, which makes it already a classier happening.

The location is beautiful. The team at Atelier Zurich made a great job with the interior design. The former cinema shines in a new splendor. It is without a doubt one of the most spectacular venues for dinner in Zurich city right now and it has the flair of a place in London, Berlin or NY.

The food is good, not overwhelming, but solid. Nothing wrong with it. It is rather pricey, therefore I would rate it as good average because if you purely went for money-for-value on that aspect you may find other options in Zurich. Nevertheless the overall assessment of the night is excellent. The ambience and interior design makes up for everything and also justifies the price range. At the end no matter where you end up in Zurich it is always expensive and I didn’t feel robbed here.

I have noticed that there have been many comments in the web regarding the service. I must say that we had a professional and pleasant waitress and the whole staff was nice. So maybe we were lucky or they have improved in this area.

Also the Razzia Bar next door (still in the same building) looks very inviting and this is one of the next places I will test for an after work drink.

In summary:

The expectations were quite high due to a waiting list of up to 6 weeks currently. But the place lived up to our expectations and we had a great evening. Finally a place were you can dress up for a fancy night out. I will certainly put this place on my short list and here is my first recommendation for you:

Go and check it out.