Wrap it up

Winter is definitely here.

It is every year the same story. I try to postpone my walk to the wardrobe in the cellar as long as possible and refuse to give in to the freezing cold and end up cursing. Let’s face it; there is nothing more pathetic than a grown man trembling like a leaf.

Time to get your winter gear out of the closet. Finally time to wear your sweaters, jackets, coats and scarves. Actually all the expensive pieces that you were longing to wear all year-long. And in winter you have actually more options than just shorts and a t-shirt.

With all the designers going for the medieval look of the warriors from your favourite movies and series, you don’t need to wear a helmet or a chain armour, but you may try to steal some elements. Like this scarf which actually is more a cape. Not a super hero cape, but a soft knitted wool armour that will keep you safe from wind and weather.

Feeling all masculine I decided to go all out and pair my look with an animal print sweater. This is a bold move and unless you are Pharrell or willing to hear some nasty comments from your friends just go for a solid color. There is always a thin line between unconventional and trying too hard. But you need to do some field experiments to test the limits. As a rule of thumb you should keep your outfit to one stand out piece and tone the rest down a notch, but since I was going to France for a weekend I didn’t mind really. When in France just wear it nonchalance and pretend it is artistic – et voilà!