ARFLEX @ Roomdresser

If you are looking for a fine address to furnish your home, look no further.

For starters, already the name of this boutique is cool. Roomdresser.

Why couldn’t I come up with something like that? Routail…sounds like some weird illness. ” I got Routail. – Oh, poor you! Is it terminal?”

Approximately 6 years ago a small team of creative minds decided to join forces and set up their own new shop nearby Stauffacher in Zurich. After 5 successful years it was time to change to a bigger location to display more of their exclusive stuff.

Last week was time to celebrate the 1-year anniversary at the new location and to promote their collaboration with Arflex. The itlanian design brand has been around for 67 years now and has created some iconic pieces during that period that have outlasted many trends. Every piece is handcrafted and they use only premium material for the production which reflects not only in price but most importantly in durability and high-end finish.

One thing that caught my attention is that they actually produced various models of car seats for the Fiat Topolino in the 50ies. It does not get more iconic than this folks!

Arflex will be visiting Roomdresser until February 2015 and this is already reason enough to drop by for some actual or window shopping.