American Crew All-Star Challenge ’13-’14

American Crew Winner Switzerland 2014

It all began with a few years ago when I finally found a hairdresser for men only in the outskirts of Zurich. 1 chair, 1 mirror, some car magazines and an italian wizzard (Bruno) connected to my favourite grooming brand – American Crew.

After having gone through years of bad haircuts in overpriced and loveless mass-processing salons designed and specialized in women, I was finally put out of my misery.

And then out of nowhere:

“Hey, would you like to partecipare in un concorso di parrucchiere? There is a contest per uomini from American Crew.”

How could I refuse the offer? Free haircut, free products and the chance to improve my Italian.

With no budget but serious ambition we decided to give it a shot on a Sunday morning. Bruno organized a make-up artist (Mary), a great photographer (Sheryl) and the location, while I contributed with no experience and a sleepless night (think of tequila shots, rain, phones without batteries and a night walk). Luckily the make-up and coffeee worked miracles and the whole team was so hyped that I just fed off their energy.

The rest is hisory…

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