9 X 9: Simple concept, delicious dinner

The concept:

Simple. 2 hostess, 2 cooks, 1 sommelier and a pop-up restaurant in an old house in Luzern waiting for demolition but furnished with exclusive designer pieces.


The promise:

Culinary pleasure in 9 courses

The expectations:



After a warm welcome by the two hostess, Franziska & Simone, you are offered a small apéro and invited to acquaint yourself with the other guests and different rooms. There is no way around being social in this place since you are seated on long tables with foreign people – so you either network or you start drinking early some wine… In my case it was a good combination of both and I was lucky to be seated next to some very interesting individuals which made the evening very enjoyable.

But now to the core of the matter: THE FOOD!

  1. Apéro: Mixture of nuts <standard>
  2. Amuse Bouche: Noix Gras in crispy shell with sweet and sour apples and confited shallots <Wow!>
  3. Soup: Pumpkin Soup with almond cream and pumpkin seed oil <above average>
  4. Fish: Baked pikeperch in nutty crust and parsnip foam <excellent>
  5. Refreshment: Goat milk fior di latte ice cream with fleur de sel and pignolia brittle <no review: I must admit that I can’t stand goat cheese therefore can only refer to other guests that were all loving it>
  6. Main Dish: Beef roulade grilled in nut butter and creamy chestnut risotto <excellent>
  7. Cheese: Selection of domestic cheese with walnut pesto <cheese good, pesto excellent>
  8. Dessert: Pressed chocolate cake with macadamia nut <standard>
  9. Friandise & Coffee: Lilah chai masala liquor, coffee with hazelnut milk foam and sweets <standard>


Rocket start that peaked with the main dish. The cheese platter served to prolong the wine tasting and the dessert couldn’t live up to the expectations created by the first half of the dinner; although it was a solid swiss chocolate dessert just missing a special twist. Despite the lack of finale furioso it was certainly worth attending and I wouldn’t want to have missed it. My complaints are on a very high level and you may disagree but a) I don’t care really and b) you won’t find out since every night until May is already fully booked. I think this speaks for itself and puts this review in perspective.

The silver lining here is that the young and aspiring cooks (Sandro & Thierry) are opening their own place very soon and it may not have been the last surprise from the two ladies either…keep your eyes open: