Lifestyle & Fashion Night

Lifestyle & Fashion Night

After becoming Switzerland’s best hairdresser of 2014 and representing Switzerland in the American Crew Allstar Challenge in Lissbon it was finally time for Bruno Lodise to celebrate and organize a bonus night without the pressure nor the expextations of such an event.

So a location was booked,  20 models- actually clients of him- were invited to the show, a photographer (Sheryl Fischer), a producer of short movies, a make-up artist and last but not least his friend and global champion of the American Crew Challenge Jerome Kantner.

Each of the hairdressers chose 10 models and we were split in 4 groups (Classical, Business, Urban and Rock). After a couple of hours of waiting, waiting and some more waiting; everything went really quickly and we were on stage facing bright blinding lights. The moment when you stand there with all eyes on you feels like an eternity and you try to be look cool (never works) and not to sweat (soaked!) and count slowly to 3… After a tenth of a second you are already turning on your heels and almost running towards the curtain to be able to hide, hoping not to trip and make a fool of yourself, which after your catwalk is actually a lost cause anyway….

Once you are back in your hidden comfort zone between leather jackets, hairspray, pomade and pumped guys:

“hey did you see how cool I was out there?” (*high-five*, *fist-bump*)…Yes, cool as the Fonzie – NOT!

Congrats Bruno, we all had a blast!