While walking through the streets of Madrid you will inevitably discover some very interesting places. This time around one of the most interesting places was a brand new Barber’s Club called “Compadre“.


Last Monday got2b Switzerland hosted a blogger event in Zurich to launch two new hair products. A molding paste for the modern gentleman and a pink cloud of blow dry inspiration for the ladies. Since I am not planning on returning to the 80ies, I will focus on the molding paste.

The final season of Mad Men just started and the obsession for a sleek side part will return.  So if you happen to be in Tokyo, there is no way around The Barba Tokyo. I promise you won’t regret it.

Men’s grooming has become quite sophisticated since the old days of water, soap and after-shave. And the beauty industry has discovered that there is also money to be made with us, so new and often expensive specialized products are being launched on a daily basis. Thanks again for that David…unfortunately Victoria doesn’t pay our invoices.

After becoming Switzerland’s best hairdresser of 2014 and representing Switzerland in the American Crew Allstar Challenge in Lissbon it was finally time for Bruno Lodise to celebrate and organize a bonus night without the pressure nor the expextations of such an event.

It all began with a few years ago when I finally found a hairdresser for men only in the outskirts of Zurich. 1 chair, 1 mirror, some car magazines and an italian wizzard (Bruno) connected to my favourite grooming brand – American Crew.