Who shaves the barber?

I’ll take you to the barber shop, I’ll let you get a proper cut…It is a ballsy move to open a barber shop in the heart of Zurich. Especially as a young woman, given that this is a domain predominantly ruled by men; tough men with beards, tattoos and beer bellies. Now that we have ruled out 10% of all men, this may be an option for the rest of us that do not have a proper beard growth or ink.

The first thing you will notice about the new shop is the location. It is a little hidden but unusually nice and quiet for being in the city center. A small courtyard welcomes the customers and leads you straight into the fully refurbished shop where Engels “the Barber” awaits you with clippers and a smile.

Unfortunately during the opening night there was no live showcase of the haircuts therefore I cannot comment on the technical skills or styles yet but given the attendance there will be quite a few guys walking around downtown with a new haircut soon.

The initial question still remains. Why does a woman open a barber shop? Well for starters because she likes men; especially bearded men and secondly because she is a business woman and has seen that there is a market niche in Zurich. On top of it there is an own selection of products like beard oil, brushes and towels, which are all made in Zürich in small batches and available in the shop.

A very cool feature is that you can book your appointment easily online and check directly the prices. Just visit the webpage: