La vie en Rosé

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Time to sit back and unwind…

If you happen to be at the Côte d’Azur this summer, you may want to visit the town of Antibes and spend an afternoon at the beach in Cap d’Antibes. Specifically at the small beach of Plage de la Garoupe with its private beach resorts.

And before you get all crazy and start bashing me for my elitism, kindly note that a) I have also been to the public beach of plage de la Salis, therefore I do have first-hand experience to support my statement and b) I am not recommending to spend the whole summer at a private beach, but there is nothing wrong with indulging in the world of luxury for once.

While the public beach is overcrowded and also dirtier than a hipster’s beard, at least the private beach offers some calm and the site is kept clean; except for the water which is rather turbid, to say the least. This is unfortunately not a country-specific problem related to France but of many bay in the Mediterranean. There are nowadays more yachts than fish in the sea due to the noise and pollution… In any case this fact cannot be held against the tenants of the beach clubs.

Truth be told I had some slight  prejudices before flying south after having experienced already some of the less magnifique sides of the Grande Nation. I was dreading some overpriced, snobbish place of questionable cleanliness – you know, all the usual stupid stereotypes, which we have all ran into during our two nights in Paris. Well; not this time.

The team at Plage Joseph/Plage Keller; especially Tony our waiter; took care of us in an outstanding manner. We had a great afternoon, drank Rosé like a bunch of girls at their super sweet 16 and enjoyed a great meal sitting on the dock. Of course all this came with a price tag, but no one ever went to the French Riviera to save money.

Merci pour l’après-midi fantastique et à la prochaine!