X-Mas idea 2: Trakdot Luggage

What is the most annoying thing about traveling except for the waiting, the checks at the airports, the horrible food on board, the uncomfortable seats and your snoring and smelly neighbour? Correct, when you arrive and your luggage is lost…

The guys at Trakdot have come up with a solution for this problem. They have patented a new technology using on cell towers instead of GPS, which allows to track the signal of your luggage and enters automatically into airplane mode after take-off.

So basically upon landing you will know if your luggage is in La Guardia or LAX. Not that it would change much at that moment, but at least you will know WHERE it is. The other thing is to get it back of course but on the contrary if you land and you see right away that despite the stop-over at Charles de Gaulle your beloved sneakers and a set of underpants arrived too, it may be a relief.

So if you have a globetrotter in your family or circle of friends this may be something.