X-Mas idea 1: Logitech UE Boombox

Christmas is near and if you are anything like me, most probably you won’t have any presents yet. Therefore I decided to make a mini series of entries with some cool ideas.

Today: The Logitech Ultimate Ears Boombox

I bought my Boombox early this year after a friend of mine brought his to a weekend at the beach in Spain. Immediately I knew that I would order mine after my return back home, because it offers great sound quality (360° Sound) and I like the minimalistic design. No unnecessary buttons, switches or other crap. You can take this speaker to war. It’s robust, it is water and stain resistant due to the plasma coating. So far bringing your speaker to the beach or pool was a problem, but I have tested mine now plenty of times and it is a tough as a coffin nail.

The Boombox is wireless and it is easy to connect to your phone. the beauty of it is that while listening to your favourite sound you can still take incoming calls and use directly the speaker. An additional feature which is great is that you can connect your speaker with a friend’s or your second one through an app (–>app store: UE Boom App), if you ever need more power or want to play the same music in different rooms of your house. You can even use it as alarm clock if you need to start your day with a BOOOOOM!

With 538 grams it may not be the lightest box around, but if you want some quality sound and bass you need some weight. And to put it in perspective; most probably your girlfriends bag is heavier than that. As  Boris the Blade said:

Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable. If it doesn’t work you can always hit them with it.

And now you can have your Boombox in many different colors and designs. The latest one was designed by DJ Skrillex in case you are into his music or you know someone who might be.

Wrap it, put it under the Christmas tree, wait for the gift to be opened and the start a house party (preferably not at your home).