Although Punta del Este is widely known for its exuberant lifestyle and the number of restaurants easily matches the number of yachts in the port, it is always a challenge to find a hidden gem in such a sparkling environment.

Because unlike George Michael you can’t give away your heart every Christmas you may need at least a small present for friends and family.

Here are three additional ideas:

1. Corkers

Pin your corks to life – the slogan basically describes it pretty well. Just add this to a nice bottle of wine and you are ready to go.



In Zurich we have become very used to openings, re-openings, pre-openings and all kind of other soft and hard openings. In fact, there is hardly a week without a new bar, club or restaurant trying to claim to be the best thing since sliced bread.

In 2012 the Times restaurant in trendy district 4 of Zurich opened its (garage) doors. With a highly acclaimed young cook, that had received an award as best newcomer in 2001, and a lot of noise in the media the basic requirements were given to be succesful.