What happens when you decide to try your luck on a Saturday night and pop into a trendy restaurant without reservations? Correct, most probably you will you end up walking the streets after 10pm and eating some nasty trash food next to some drunk teenagers and a guy begging for your change. But on rare occasions while aimlessly wandering the streets you land a lucky punch and find a hidden gem.

You don’t necessarily need to be a hippie or boho to wear a dip dye shirt. Obviously it helps, but borrowing some pieces from different influences is acceptable and adds a twist to your basic wardrobe. Just don’t overdo it. Biker jacket with a tie? Yes! Sneakers and a suit? May work. Snapback cap and suit? Please unfollow me right now…

Wearing a tank top on the street is quite a tricky thing. Its reputation has suffered and in principle such a shirt is only acceptable on a basketball court and maybe in the gym depending on your physique. A muscle shirt doesn’t make you muscular just as little as a sports car makes you sporty. And most importantly it is only acceptable until a certain age and with a properly depilated back and shoulders.

Although Punta del Este is widely known for its exuberant lifestyle and the number of restaurants easily matches the number of yachts in the port, it is always a challenge to find a hidden gem in such a sparkling environment.