If you don’t feel like wearing a suit or if you are attending an event after work, you may need to tweak your attire to fit into both worlds. The trick? Business on top, party on the bottom. Ambiguity at its best.

One of the few advantages of winter is the fact that you can wear finally your boots. Usually they are heavy, sturdy, dirty and almost impossible to kill. I think I still own a pair of Timberland Boots back from my Wu-Tang days….

You don’t necessarily need to be a hippie or boho to wear a dip dye shirt. Obviously it helps, but borrowing some pieces from different influences is acceptable and adds a twist to your basic wardrobe. Just don’t overdo it. Biker jacket with a tie? Yes! Sneakers and a suit? May work. Snapback cap and suit? Please unfollow me right now…

Winter has arrived – for some people it is the best time of the year and for the rest it is just cold. Either way, you won’t be able to get around proper winter gear this year. And because everybody else will be wearing dark, you could try to bring some colour into your wardrobe.

Additional advantage: Car drivers will see you from a mile.

Disadvantage: This outfit won’t work for undercover agents…

Because unlike George Michael you can’t give away your heart every Christmas you may need at least a small present for friends and family.

Here are three additional ideas:

1. Corkers

Pin your corks to life – the slogan basically describes it pretty well. Just add this to a nice bottle of wine and you are ready to go.