Remember when Biggie used to eat sardines for dinner? Well, twenty-odd years later the food of choice for young, broke and aspiring rappers is the omnipresent burger.

Let’s assume you read part 1 of my guide and you are landing on a Saturday afternoon in Cape Town to start your journey. Here’s your daily schedule:

If you don’t feel like wearing a suit or if you are attending an event after work, you may need to tweak your attire to fit into both worlds. The trick? Business on top, party on the bottom. Ambiguity at its best.

The IRO store Zurich invited last Saturday together with Bolero magazine to participate in a photo contest for the fashion session #4. The idea was to put together an outfit from a selected number of clothes, and have a photographer take a picture in an outfit with the slogan “red carpet style”. Bolero selected the top 5 outfits and now the winner will be elected in an online voting (–>

One of my early teenage memories is sharing a very small bedroom with my brother and having to listen 24/7 to his clumsy attempts to scratch on the turntables. Not only that the turntables took away the non-existing living space back then, but I couldn’t run or hide. Neither could our neighbours (if you have seen “La Haine” you will understand – loudspeakers on the windowsill happened in a suburb of Zurich before it did in Paris). So after many discussions and a hearing damage, I finally gave in and let things go their way. There was no way in heaven that I could break this young DJ’s passion for black music and technology. “DJ Record” was born and my new role was decided too: official vinyl carrier.