Remember when Biggie used to eat sardines for dinner? Well, twenty-odd years later the food of choice for young, broke and aspiring rappers is the omnipresent burger.

For the second year in a row I have been invited to one of the most prestigious events in Zurich; the Piaget Polo Open 2015. More sophisticated characters may question the reasoning for the invitation to such an illustrious group. Me? I do not care for one second if I got the invitation by mistake or not, I just look forward to a fun afternoon with a delicious catering, action on the field and free food.

I love street food. Almost everybody does and after this weekend there is no denying it: Zurich needs urgently a permanent Food Market. How else can you explain a million people standing in line for hours to get a bite of a wagyu beef bun or some truffle popcorn?

One of my early teenage memories is sharing a very small bedroom with my brother and having to listen 24/7 to his clumsy attempts to scratch on the turntables. Not only that the turntables took away the non-existing living space back then, but I couldn’t run or hide. Neither could our neighbours (if you have seen “La Haine” you will understand – loudspeakers on the windowsill happened in a suburb of Zurich before it did in Paris). So after many discussions and a hearing damage, I finally gave in and let things go their way. There was no way in heaven that I could break this young DJ’s passion for black music and technology. “DJ Record” was born and my new role was decided too: official vinyl carrier.