Because unlike George Michael you can’t give away your heart every Christmas you may need at least a small present for friends and family.

Here are three additional ideas:

1. Corkers

Pin your corks to life – the slogan basically describes it pretty well. Just add this to a nice bottle of wine and you are ready to go.



Let’s face it: Ever since facial hair had its comeback a couple of years ago, it was the salvation for many guys on the planet – except for most Asians. No matter how ugly or boring you look, grow a beard, get some ink and your lonely days are over.

After becoming Switzerland’s best hairdresser of 2014 and representing Switzerland in the American Crew Allstar Challenge in Lissbon it was finally time for Bruno Lodise to celebrate and organize a bonus night without the pressure nor the expextations of such an event.

It all began with a few years ago when I finally found a hairdresser for men only in the outskirts of Zurich. 1 chair, 1 mirror, some car magazines and an italian wizzard (Bruno) connected to my favourite grooming brand – American Crew.