If you ever happen to be in Soho, London with some spare cash in you pocket and feeling hungry then you should definitely visit Bob Bob Ricard. Well, in theory…in practice it takes a reservation a couple of weeks in advance, an elegant outfit and a drop dead gorgeous girl on your side: check, check and hell yeah.

Ever since Don Draper had his first Old Fashioned I have been hooked to Mad Men and kept an eye to their wardrobe. Not that I would consider wearing a suit from the 60ies (a little bit too wide for my taste and age) but the details are spot on. Tie bars, pocket squares, tortoise sunglasses, cuff links and suspenders…classy and the perfect accessory for a Mad Men 2.0. Don’t wear them all at the same time (less is still more) but try different styles until you find your look.

Ever since I got my Daniel Wellington watch I have been wearing it day in, day out. One of the best gifts ever! This was way before every hipster from Brooklyn to Tokyo was sporting this stylish timepiece. Luckily enough it has a timeless design which you can break by combining it with a bold nylon strap or wear a classic leather wristband for more formal events.

An invitation to the opening of a chocolate store is usually not the most exciting event if you live in Switzerland, unless the opening is in Dubai. If you have ever been to Dubai you know that you can expect everything from the world biggest fireworks to the world’s most expensive diamonds to golden cars…So, I put on a flashy suit, packed my camera and prepared myself for some surprises.

After becoming Switzerland’s best hairdresser of 2014 and representing Switzerland in the American Crew Allstar Challenge in Lissbon it was finally time for Bruno Lodise to celebrate and organize a bonus night without the pressure nor the expextations of such an event.

It all began with a few years ago when I finally found a hairdresser for men only in the outskirts of Zurich. 1 chair, 1 mirror, some car magazines and an italian wizzard (Bruno) connected to my favourite grooming brand – American Crew.