3-Day guide to Sevilla: Day 2

Hopefully you had a good night’s rest because you are about to tackle day 2.

The first thing on your agenda should be my (and soon to be yours) favourite place in the city: The Real Alcázar. I strongly recommend that you book your tickets online in advance to avoid the often endless queues (http://www.alcazarsevilla.org/xiv-noches-en-los-jardines-del-alcazar/). Once inside you will find an unreal scenery, actually so unreal that you won’t know if you are in Dorne or Spain any longer. If you can’t make it to the Alhambra in Granada this is as close as it gets.

Leave just before lunchtime and make a hard turn to your left once outside. You will walk straight into Barrio Santa Cruz, the old jewish part of the city. Get lost in the labyrinth of narrow alleys and streets and walk into one of the many restaurants for an extended lunch. If you happen to be next to Plaza Doña Elvira you could try the restaurant named after the square. Try the fish in the salt crust; you won’t be disappointed.

Technically you should be reading at this point some lines regarding the amazing cathedral of Sevilla, but apparently the lord works in mysterious ways- exactly like the cathedral’s homepage. I basically lost my religion trying to buy some tickets in advance and despite all prayers the queues were longer than a Mexican telenovela. So, WWJD? Exactly, some shopping, drinks and plates of jamón.

This is sadly the second time in a row that I didn’t make into the cathedral and if you just plan to visit Sevilla once than you should just suck up the waiting time. The views from the Giralda, a former minaret and now the bell tower, is quite impressive.

Your evening plans? A quick visit to the “mushroom” (metropol parasol) to watch the sunset over the rooftops and from there it will only be a very short walk down the street to your next fantastic dinner at Perro Viejo.


Head after dinner to the riverbank for some fancy drinks and what ever happens next is your business.