3-Day guide to Sevilla: Day 1

Once in a while everybody needs a change of scenery and if scenery is your priority then you should definitely consider Sevilla. Sure it may not be Rome or Paris but that’s exactly the point. It may be the most beautiful place you haven’t visited yet.In order to make the most out of your trip a little research won’t hurt. And in case you want to save yourself the trouble of googling through hundreds of websites you may as well just follow my agenda for the weekend:

Friday: Arrival and first Tapas

Try to find a hotel in the city center (historic part). This will save you a lot of Euros on taxis because most things are within walking distance.

After checking-in head straight to the Mercado Lonja del Barranco for your first tapas on spanish soil. Nothing better than a few croquetas and jamón and a good glass of wine after a flight. (Free advice: Contain yourself, you may need some appetite in a few minutes).

Coincidentally the market is located just next to the Guadalquivir river and the famous Puente de Triana. This bridge will take you right to your next stop: The Mercado de Triana. Although this is another market it is quite different to the one you just left. It is a more traditional market and the prices are way more “spanish”. Head to one of the fishmongers and ask for a plate of clams and any other fish you like. Sometimes you find taste in simplicity.

After lunch it’s time to explore the neighbourhood of Triana home to the craftsmen of azulejos (spanish tiles) and of course the cradle of Flamenco. In case you should get lost in the narrow streets just head to the riverbank and stroll upriver until reaching Puente San Telmo. Cross it and head straight to your next sightseeing spot: La Torre del Oro.

After all that walking it is time for a quick nap before dinner and drinks. You may want to try one of my favourite tapas bar in Sevilla called Ovejas Negras. Unfortunately they don’t accept reservations therefore show up early. They will add your name to the list on the chalk board and if you are lucky your waiting time will be less than 60 minutes. Don’t worry though, nobody in Spain eats dinner before 10pm on a weekend…just be patient and have some homemade tinto de verano (Never, really NEVER drink the industrially prepared one unless your favourite dish is Pizza Hawaii…then this may actually be an upgrade).

After dinner you will have tons of options depending of your mood. From a quiet nightcap to after-hour clubs. Visit the terrace at EME Hotel for stunning views and expensive but good drinks.

If you are a regular reader; firstly thank you because you belong to a selected group of 10 people; and secondly some parts may sound familiar…yes, I already visited Sevilla last September (–>https://routail.com/2016/09/07/sevilla-tiene-un-color-especial/) and talked so much about it that I was returned as personal city guide. But don’t worry, there are a few new recommendations waiting.

Stay tuned for Day 2.