Need a good shave Compadre?

While walking through the streets of Madrid you will inevitably discover some very interesting places. This time around one of the most interesting places was a brand new Barber’s Club called “Compadre“.

The great thing about this place is – aside from the interior design – the fact that there is a fully fledged bar inside the barber shop! So while you are getting a perfect fade or a wet shave your friends can hang out at the bar or play some pool billiard in the basement floor to shorten the waiting time.

Given that the shop had just recently opened and the opening party was still in planning we found the place still empty which was great because it gave us enough time to snoop around and also have a few drinks – well actually quite a few drinks because one of my friends decided to get spontaneously a haircut while the rest kept playing with a hilarious animated James Brown figurine.

Here is a new option to your saturday routine: After curing your hangover with the first cup of verdejo of the day and shopping some fancy clothes for the upcoming night in Calle Fuencarral (and mainly because jumping into a fountain fully clothed seems less fun the next day), you may want to make a pit stop to refuel and get a proper haircut. If this was Madrid Shore we would call it: CDG (Cure, Dress or rather double D Dress & Drink, Groom), just with better haircuts and less spray tan.