Die Apotheke – Drink in style

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

Although there are more bars in Zurich than Trump voters in the US, the most recent opening is quite something special. A speakeasy built in just two weeks by four friends with limited budget and endless creativity.

The idea? A secret bar disguised as a pharmacy like they used to have during the prohibition era. No signs, no directions, just a black door with a bell. And a no password, no entry policy…if you can make it past this door you will en up in an old garage with a closet and a mirror. Take the step of faith like Indy and dare to walk through the mirror.

Once inside you will be rewarded with a very special selection of drinks, created by some of the best barkeepers in town. Because the guys from Turicum are behind the idea the selection is restricted to their own Gin…but hey, you can’t buy a Bic Mac at Burger King either. In return the ginger beer is home-made and so is the vodka which was exclusively produced for this event at Turicum’s own distillery. And trust me, once you start trying the drinks you will be more than pleased to support your local brewers.

Besides the drinks the most striking thing is the interior design and the attention to detail. Drink menus with secret drinks (hint: black light), posters with ambiguous messages, drawers with surprises, and so on. And to top it all of you might get lucky and be one of the first persons to try Turicum’s new product which will be launched in a few months. Look for the test tubes.

Gentlemen if I have your curiosity and hopefully now you attention, then like this PAGE and register to obtain the password and news regarding future events.

Cin Cin!

Special thanks to Oli for all the pictures in this blog post. Check out his page!