Salon 5 – Personal cuisine

If you happen to be in Belgrade and you are looking for a different, yet delicious dining experience, then you will love the Salon 5.Although it is kind of hard to find the place even with GPS (there isn’t a sign or any other indication in front of the building), you will be rewarded with a super cool location once you step into the apartment. The restaurant is an actual apartment, with a living room and two further rooms where dinner is served. The beauty of it is that you will feel like you are having dinner at your friend’s house; if your friend would know how to cook and have such stylish furniture; because there are just 5 tables.

As for the most important part which is obviously the food let me put it in one word: excellent! Every single dish was delicious and although the menu per se is rather “simple” on paper, you know that you couldn’t cook it by yourself at home.

After dinner our waiter invited us to have the coffee and drinks in the living room and encouraged us to plug-in our iPhones with our own playlists. For a moment we considered to move in, but then again it is not walking distance to the splavs…

Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.

PS: Reservations can be made online, which is convenient if you do not speak Serbian or hate talking on the phone like myself (according to my self-diagnosis on the internet this may be socialy anxiety or some form of weird deadly virus)┬á ­čśë