So back to where we started.After a week full of impressions and lots of tinto de verano, we arrived to the end of our road trip. Although we had already the chance to get a first impression of Málaga upon arrival, technically it doesn’t count because it was Feria de Málaga madness.

This time around there was some sightseeing, shopping and meeting old friends. We decided to make not too many plans and just go with the flow. We took advantage of the rental and spent a day in Marbella just because.

You will find most of the usual landmarks in every travel guide, even in the little hand-out maps you get at the hotel lobby, therefore I won’t spend any time on that.But here are a few last tips:

Insider tip 1: The rooftop at the AC hotel. Again this is not a real insider tip although it is the first time I went up there and I must admit that although it is not as stylish as the rooftop at the Room Mate Valeria the views are fantastic.

Insider tip 2: There are many good restaurants in Malaga, but we were quite impressed by the Taberna Uvedoble. The food is excellent and the beauty of it is that almost all plates can be ordered as either tapa, half- servings or a full plate; meaning that you can really try lots of different and tasty things.

Insider tip 3: The Gourmet Experience at El Corte Inglés. This one is not specific to Málaga, because nowadays in almost every larger city in Spain there is one and all of them are on the top floor of the shopping mall with a terrace and some pretty great food stands.

The End.