Sevilla tiene un color especial


After leaving Cádiz we drove to the next highlight of the trip and most probably one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, if not the world. Sevilla!It is very difficult to describe in a few sentences the appeal of this place. It may be the architecture, the colours, its people or possibly it is just my biased point of view, but every time I leave Sevilla I have the urge to immediately return.

This time I decided to break the bank and booked a truly spectacular hotel. The Hotel Palacio de Villapanés is a 18th century Andalusian palace, that is possibly one of the most beautiful places I have stayed so far. The combination of historic baroque and moorish elements with pieces of stylish furniture make this hotel the perfect location for some insta-envy.

Because it is impossible to explore a city like Sevilla in just under 48 hours, we decided to focus on a few landmarks and leave the rest for the next trip. We started with Plaza España before lunch and headed along the Guadalquivir river to stop shortly at the Torre del Oro for a few pics before having to make a decision between most probably the two most famous tourist attractions of the city: The Real Alcázar or the Cathedral. But this was a no-brainer to me. The cathedral is without any doubt impressive but I was afraid going up in flames while entering into “god’s house”.

Because we had already decided back home to skip Granda and the Alhambra, the Real Alcazar we knew that this would be as close as it gets. And after strolling around with 41 degrees for a few hours, the shadows in the palace was a gift from God – sorry Allah.

Insider tip 1: Well the rooftop terrace at EME Hotel just next to the cathedral is not really a insider’s tip but the views are unbeatable and they unfortunately know: 15 Euros a drink…nevertheless; do it!

sevilla25Insider tip 2: The tapas at Ovejas Negras close to the Cathedral. Either make a reservation or go late, like 11pm late…

5Insider tip 3: Dinner at Perro Viejo. Stylish interior design on three floors and excellent dishes. Try the black rice…trust me on this one.