Andalusian Nights

I finally got to travel back to my beloved Andalucía, although just for 8 nights- which is way too short. No matter how well you plan ahead and how many hours you will spend on the autovias del sur, there are just too many amazing things to discover. Heavy-heartedly we had to cross off our list cities like Granada (this was the toughest), Córdoba, Nerja, Jerez de la Frontera and so on; but it is midsummer and we wanted to spend some time at the beach after a disappointing “monsoon season” back home.Málaga:

Arrival in Málaga. Although you will need a car, try to avoid the pick up at the airport. This may be one of the busiest airports in Spain during summertime and you don’t want to spend a few hours waiting in line. Take a cab to your hotel and pick up the car one or two days later at the train station of Málaga. No queues and you will save the nightly 17 Euro parking fee. We were incredibly lucky and got to experience the Feria de Málaga for two nights, which is basically a botellón meets flamenco party around the clock for a whole week. Freshmen start drinking copas at 2am with 40° and end up sleeping on curbs with bad sunburns…Just do it like the locals and choose a chilled Cartojal (sweet white wine) for the daytime party and switch to copas at night.

If you are not around for the Feria there are still plenty of things to do. You could pick up your rental car early in the morning and head off to Ronda. A day trip is sufficient and you can visit one of the eldest bullrings in Spain and also learn about the Puente Nuevo. Of course you may argue that bullfighting is wrong (yes, it is), but firstly it is quite impressing to enter the arena (think of Gladiator) and second it is a large part of Spanish culture, like it or not.

After a few hours of history you may drive downhill to Puerto Banus in Marbella and get a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous. The marina is one of the very few places on earth were you will be faster on foot than in a Bugatti.

If you do not feel like driving down the coast and you want still to get that nice tan that will make your co-workers hate you there is still a nearby option. Take the buses number 3 or 11 from the city center and drive for 10 minutes towards the bays of Pedregalejo for plenty of sun and lots of chiringuitos serving espetos de sardinas (basically sardines roasted on a stick by the open fire).

Insider’s tip for Malaga: The new rooftop of the Room Mate Valeria Hotel. Not cheap but astonishing views and stylish.

Stay tuned for more…We just got started and will be back in town in a week for more.