Your 14-day travel guide for Cape Town (Part 4 / Days 11-15)

They see me rollin'...

Day 11 (Tuesday / Paternoster)

This is your spa and relax day. Book a massage, borrow some free bikes at the hotel and explore the surroundings or take advantage of the deserted pool. After all it’s your holiday.

Day 12 (Wednesday / Paternoster)

Before leaving Paternoster and heading back to Cape Town, you may want to book a tour with a buggy. Deon (a very funny Dutch guy) from the Farr Out B&B in Paternoster owns a crazy beach buggy and will show you some hidden corners that you may never reach on foot. The guided tour will finish around noon, which gives you plenty of time to drive back and even do a little stop-over along the way.

Since you haven’t really be able to jump into the ocean so far – unless you are crazy or grew up in Siberia- this is your chance to hit the beach and go for a swim. In the West Coast National Park there is a little bay called Kralbaai. The detour will cost you a few extra miles, but you will be rewarded with warm and crystal clear water. Caribbean feeling at its best!

End your day with some cocktails at the Orphanage (

Day 13 (Thursday / Cape Town)

Now that you have made a few trips and visited the north-west as well as the north-east; (damn you Kanye! This used to be a normal sentence…) it is time to explore Cape Town and do some touristy things. The morning belongs to the famous Table Mountain, no matter how “off-the-beaten-path” you may consider yourself to be, this is a must when in Cape Town. You can still climb the Lion’s head to balance things out in your universe.

If you are lucky enough and you end up being in Cape Town on the first Thursday of the month, then your plans for the evening are already clear: art, cultural attractions and drinks at the First-Thursdays ( Grab some cash, go to Bree street and everything else will fall into place. Since I felt all artsy I focused on contemporary Chenin Blanc, some vanguard Pinotage and beautifully blended new world masterpieces.

If you still feel like dancing then Jade Lounge ( is the place to hit on a Thursday night. The self-proclaimed theme? Models, Champagne and Hip Hop (#jadethursday). This is where you may actually spot Ricky Rozay popping some bottles of Belaire or Drake waiting for his hotline to bling.



Day 13 (Friday / Cape of Good Hope)

Today you will need to make a tough decision: muscle car or helicopter? Although a combat flight is very tempting I personally couldn’t resist the urge to show off in a 4.7 litre beast. Call the guys at Cape Cobra Hire ( and they will hook you up with one of the coolest cars you will ever drive.

Now, that you are all set with the necessary swag you need a worthy destination. What about the Cape of good hope? A scenic route, another point off your bucket list and  lots jealous looks are guaranteed.

After such an exciting day you need to keep the level up by having a special dinner at a very special location. The Spasie ( is exactly what you are looking for. Top chefs and rising starts of the South African kitchen create 4 or 5 course meals in an underground restaurant. Where else can you walk into the kitchen and watch a chef working his magic in a totally relaxed atmosphere? (Our chef was wearing shorts and flip-flops).

Although it may be very difficult to top off the day with yet another surprise, I do still have one more ace up my sleeve…Drinks at the Outrage of Modesty ( A hidden bar where you don’t buy drinks by your favourite liquor but by taste. You will only know what you get once it is served. Fascinating and addictive!

Day 14 (Saturday / Cape Town)

Depending on your mood there are many options to spend your last day in Cape Town besides bathing in your own tears. You could start with some food and shopping at the Old Biscuit Mill, hit a last time the beach, eat some tapas and have a glass of wine on Kloof Street before having your last supper at any of the many great restaurants in the city.

Your last night out? Coco Nightclub because you want to go out with a bang.

Day 15 (Sunday / Reality)