Say Cheese – Baby Gouda

In a place where dozens of new restaurants open every season, it is helpful to have a safe bet to turn to for a casual lunch or dinner.Although the name may be a bit confusing, not every dish does turn around cheese here – actually most plates don’t. The menu is very mediterranean ranging from mezze to pasta with seafood or fresh salads.

The main reasons why I really like the place; besides the tasty food; are the super friendly staff , the long opening hours (11 a.m. to 1.30 a.m. daily) and the interior design, especially the lighting. It feels a little like Ibiza but without the annoying tunes of David Guetta.

So next time you visit Punta del Este you may want to make a stop at the Baby Gouda and ask Samuel the Barman for one of his signature drinks before you sit down for a meal. My personal recommendation is the fresh lemonade with mint and ginger and the caipiroskas with maracujá.

No wonder this place has survived already 17 years and still counting…