El Perro y la Galleta

It may be a dog eat dog world out there right now, but once in while every dog needs a little treat.If you happen to be in Madrid, you may want to spend your Sunday morning; well, most probably noon; strolling around the Parque del Retiro to get some fresh air and clear your head. And because you will start feeling hungry after you made it through the morning sickness caused by those cubatas and chupitos from last night, there is a place to around the corner to get some nice treats.

The Perro y Galleta is located just by the Puerta de Alcalà (cool location for some pictures during the sunset) in the posh neighbourhood of Salamanca and just by the main entrance to the Retiro. A stylish and modern restaurant with an interesting menu card. You will find some traditional spanish dishes like ensaladilla rusa or huevos rotos with a modern twist.

Make sure to make a reservation in advance because the place is always busy with young and well-dressed Madrilenians and unless you are really lucky it may be though to snatch a table. Then again you may just try your luck because as we all know every dog has its day.