Strapery – The easiest way to upgrade your wrist

No matter if you are wearing a 50$ swatch or a 50k Patek, a cool NATO strap will be an eye-catcher and immediately add a touch of individuality and colour to your outfit.

Now that also 007 is wearing a NATO strap (again) on every billboard even the last hillbilly will jump on the bandwagon, that’s exactly why you need to upgrade you strap design.

So far most companies just offer monochrome or classic striped models. This is where an ingenious entrepreneur from Zurich saw a niche and came up with the idea to offer patterned straps, which can be designed individually in a couple of easy steps. And this is how the Strapery was born.

I have been wearing a NATO strap on my watch for the 4 last years. It was my way to set a statement and differentiate me from others that had the same watch as I did. But now as the NATO straps are seen so often, I needed a new way to express my character with some individuality. I wanted to break the rules and have some crazy, colourful prints.

Temo Sayin (CEO

I had the chance to test the brand new webpage and order a few straps during the test phase and I must say that I really like how they solved it. You can create your own strap in only a few minutes without the need of an IT support because the design tool is quite intuitive and straight forward. There are approximately 15 designs so far and about 90 colours to select from. Additionally there 6 different buckles to choose from, which equals to- well a lot of combinations (if I could calculate this I would be sitting at a table in Vegas right now like Rain Man).

So far a restricted version of website is up and running and the launch with all the features will be sometime soon, although no exact date has been communicated yet. The last mile is always the hardest but the reward will be worth all the struggle. And very soon you will be able to unleash your creativity and design your own straps.

The downside (if you are an international reader) is that so far the straps will only be sold in Switzerland (with free shipping!) but I guess that this will change quite soon since there are already some expansion plans depending on the initial performance of the brand.

So if you want to know more just sign up on to be one of the first customers to have the chance to explore the website as an early bird and get a glimpse of the work in progress behind the scenes.

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