Luki Luke

There are two types of restaurants: The ones you visit for the food and the ones that you need to see for its special interior design. And if both criteria are met then it becomes one of those memorable evenings.

In the neighbourhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona there is a small pearl waiting to be discovered. I was LUKI enough to find it because I didn’t feel like walking more than 50 meters (according to TripAdvisor it were 47 meters). And although I had the exact address I had to really walk into the restaurant to find out that it was actually a place to have dinner and not a furniture store. Ok, having a barber pole in front of your place and still a sign saying “Peluqueria” doesn’t help either but is a funny idea. Where did you have dinner? In the barber shop!

I fully understand that during your summer holidays in a city like Barcelona you would prefer to sit on a sunny terrace, but this place deserves to be appreciated from the inside. The interior designer mixed all kinds of styles and colours and the place looks like a priest turned pharmacist on a safari while taking too many of his own pills, but in a cool way.

The food is very solid, maybe not on the same level as the furniture, but also not bad at all. And considering that nothing is fried (almost a sacrilege in Spain) you won’t feel overeaten before going out to discover the nightlife. Especially the “huevos estrellados con chorizo” (smashed eggs with potatoes and spanish sausage) are the speciality of the house and excellent.

Another pleasant surprise was the service. Our waiter, an Italian guy from Naples, was a splendid host and took very good care of us. Grazie mille!

As a last tip: If you are ordering a bottle of wine, go for the 3 Pueblos from Ribera del Duero. The region is always a safe bet and for 20 Euro a bottle a real bargain compared to the prices in Northern Europe.