Santa Gula – My favourite sin

Long before Kevin Spacey had a card up his sleeve, he made seven people suffer for their sins. Although I plead guilty to most of them my favourite one may be gluttony.No wonder I had to visit a small restaurant called Santa Gula located in the district of Gracia in beautiful Barcelona. I was hoping that nomen would be omen.

The menu is short and clearly arranged. It has only about three or four starters consisting of the typical patatas bravas and the omnipresent bread with tomatoes (one of the best I have tasted so far). So far, so good -no surprises.

The rest of the menu consists of approximately 10 to 12 small dishes. Most of them traditional and with local ingredients but always with a twist. Tapas with a dash of fusion and creativity.

Basically we ate ourselves through most of the menu in an extended lunch while drinking a bottle of white wine. Here some visual impressions:

The food was excellent and on top our waiter was very friendly and made some great recommendations.

The check was surely above average for Spain, but I didn’t feel ripped-off either  considering that we were there for over two hours and ordered quite a lot of different dishes. And I have paid way more for worse food in my life.

Sometimes you just need give in to temptations because after all we are all more sinners than saints. And as long as Frank Underwood is doing politics we are safe.