Ohka – São Paulo


In a world where people tag photos of a candy bar from Walmart with hastags such as  #foodporn and #foodgasm it is difficult to find a new expression to explain what was going on in my mouth during the dinner at Ohka.

Although I have eaten a lot of sushi and sashimi in my life so far and I just returned from Japan – the motherland of sushi-, this may have been among the very best if not the best place so far.

Of course some traditionalist will start moaning and complaining now, because this can’t impossibly be true. Those are the same people who believe that a water-cooled Porsche doesn’t deserve to be called 911. Sure, I agree that a modern and Brazilian interpretation of sushi may not be exactly what Mr Miyagi may have eaten 20 years ago in Okinawa, but then again there may not have been to many truffles and passion fruit on that small Island either to do some culinary experiments.

Even if we can’t agree on the matter above, let me tell you this: A little known fact is that the largest community of  Japanese outside of Japan lives in Brazil. The estimated number of Japanese in the city of São Paulo is of approximately 1.5 million! So, I believe that those guys may know something about fish…In any case, you may make a compromise and look at it as a totally different thing and judge it in that way. A new 911 is maybe not a classic 911 but still a damned good car.

So, make your reservation way in advance if you are planning to prove me wrong or if you want to follow my suggestion and try the thin cut salmon sashimi with lemon and truffles, the incredible Toro sashimi and any other plate on the menu. Have some caipirinhas with it; for the purists there are also Caipisakes; and enjoy the evening among the gente bonita of this vibrant city.

PS: Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me and the place is rather dark, therefore the iPhone pics are way too grainy. Nevertheless I uploaded a couple of them to give you an impression.