Sneakerness 2015

It all began with the Jordan 8.I had saved up the whole year, the Bulls had won their third consecutive title and the Dream Team was enchanting the world.

I loved my first pair of Jordans because they were so fresh and they made me feel unstoppable. Although they were rather built for the street than for the court (too heavy and not really robust. Those damage-prone cross-over velcro straps!), this was the tipping point for me. I was hooked.

Every sneakerhead has his own personal moment when sneakers stopped to be just shoes and became an object of desire. And judging by the attendance at this year’s Sneakerness in Zurich there is still a large community of ballers and fashion addicts willing to spend some serious money on a retro or limited edition sneaker.

Being among that many like-minded people made me realize that after all I may not be totally crazy. And it is totally possible that I may wear all of my kicks eventually …. if I wear a new pair every day for the next few years; except for the all-white Jordan’s 11, those are sacred ­čśë