Deer Nara

If you are traveling through Japan, you should plan a one-day stop in the city of Nara. The main reasons to visit the city is the Todai-ji, one of Japan’s most famous temples and home to the Great Buddha.The temple is the world largest wooden building, which is quite an impressive, and has been labeled a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

Besides the bronze buddha there are a couple of 8.5 meter tall guards in the gate to the temple which in my opinion are way cooler than the fat buddha with all their details. Unluckily they are behind a fence to avoid tourists of damaging them and therefore you can’t really take any nice pictures of them – a reason more to visit.

But despite all the heritage talk, the secret attraction of Nara are the deer. The city is full of them. And since they are tame and so used to the masses, you can feed them and if you are lucky even take a selfie with them (be careful some of them actually bite).