The Barba Tokyo

The final season of Mad Men just started and the obsession for a sleek side part will return.  So if you happen to be in Tokyo, there is no way around The Barba Tokyo. I promise you won’t regret it.

While browsing backwards through GQ Japan, I discovered an article on Barbershops. Although I couldn’t understand a single word, the pics looked promising and I convinced my buddys to do a trip to Kanda neighbourhood and get a proper haircut and it was quite an experience. Japanese precision at its best.

Tomohiro Kizu and Tomohiro Watanobe are barbers by conviction. To them this is a form of art and not a job. The love to details, the bikes, the tattoos…it is their way of life and they take pride in their work.

Although we were lost in translation most of the time, we had still fun and managed to exchange some thoughts and there is anyway no need for much talk with these guys. They know exactly what they do, so just lean back and enjoy the ride.

And the best part is that it is surprisingly affordable. 35$ for a haircut in an expensive city like Tokyo is a steal.

Arigatou guys!