Voting – IRO Red Carpet Star

The IRO store Zurich invited last Saturday together with Bolero magazine to participate in a photo contest for the fashion session #4. The idea was to put together an outfit from a selected number of clothes, and have a photographer take a picture in an outfit with the slogan “red carpet style”. Bolero selected the top 5 outfits and now the winner will be elected in an online voting (–>

I got lucky and my picture was posted today as the only guy in the top 5. Although I had quite a hard time selecting an outfit. I was expecting suits or tuxedos for a red carpet styling, and there were instead sweatpants, hoodies and leather jackets. So I had to improvise and dress for the MTV Music awards and less for the Oscars. I chose to wear a classic leather jacket, a grey hoodie and a white shirt (with air tie) and break the look with some tapered and high-quality sweatpants.

The winner will be announced next Friday in the Club Aura in Zurich, where there will be a fashion show and some live acts, as well as an after-show party until very late.

Votes are more than welcome.