I heart NATasche

Meet Natascha.

Student, designer and young entrepreneur.

It started all about 2 years ago when Natascha decided to produce just for fun bags for family and friends. After receiving a lot of positive feedback and also requests from friends of friends, it became obvious that she should either start going pro or find a less time-consuming hobby. This was the moment when NATasche was created.

Every item, be it backpack, sailor bag or shopping bag, is unique and completely designed and handmade in Switzerland. All the materials are carefully stitched together during lesson-free days and also often nights…entrepreneurial life is a bitch if you didn’t know; just ask pre-billionaire M. Zuckerberg.

For the different collections, materials like used jeans, old  blankets from India or washed out shirts are processed to created some oriental inspired designs. This affinity to India comes from Natascha’s heritage. Meaning that her bindi is actually not only for fashion, but has a deeper meaning (another awkward situation during the interview for my collection of clangers).

Another aspect that Natascha proudly highlights is that her bags do have a small inside pocket, which with hold-alls usually really helps, and that she doesn’t use eyelets but straps. This makes the bag more resistant and adds a nice little detail to the finish.

If you want to know where to buy the bags or her recently launched line of t-shirts, just visit her webstore or visit her display at the Circle store in Zurich’s old town to see the products live. Summer is around the corner and I already spotted my favourite piece to wear to the lake, what about you?