Zwei mit Stil – because together is bueno

One of my early teenage memories is sharing a very small bedroom with my brother and having to listen 24/7 to his clumsy attempts to scratch on the turntables. Not only that the turntables took away the non-existing living space back then, but I couldn’t run or hide. Neither could our neighbours (if you have seen “La Haine” you will understand – loudspeakers on the windowsill happened in a suburb of Zurich before it did in Paris). So after many discussions and a hearing damage, I finally gave in and let things go their way. There was no way in heaven that I could break this young DJ’s passion for black music and technology. “DJ Record” was born and my new role was decided too: official vinyl carrier.

Little did I know back then that many years later I would not only be proud but also profit from having a DJ in my family. Guestlists, concerts, free drinks…you name it.

After having played Hip Hop and R&B for almost 20 years in all kind of places and in front of very interesting crowds it was time for a new project. The baggy pants and cornrows had already been replaced by designer boots and bow ties and it was time to explore new musical influences.

Together with Chris Custo, a close friend and fellow DJ, with 15plus years experience in mixing house music tracks, the dynamic duo joined forces to create ZWEI MIT STIL. Those two guys with style (literal translation of the German name) have started creating and uploading deep house, tech house and electronica remixes to soundcloud and the best part: it is for free. You can download the mixes and play them in your car, during your workout or just listen to them while chilling on your couch. No need to skip songs or shuffle your iPod because the average length is of about 100 minutes instead of your usual 3.

In a time where every reality show participant and all other kind of shady so-called celebrities are calling themselves DJs and producing songs most probaly with the help of ghostwriters and ghostsingers, it is refreshing to see two guys who can actually solve technical problems on spot, know how to use vinyl and turntables and have invested time and their savings into a good equipment just for the sake of pursuing their passion. And unlike others their are not DJ but body moving consultants – details really do matter.

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