La démolition par Franzoli

La démolition par Franzoli. French for delicious food in a secret location.A pop-up restaurant is always fun because it is surrounded by the flair of illegality and a “caractère éphémère” to stay with the French. I actually googled to find a translation for this expression but it takes a Little Prince to put feelings into words.

The Location:

Let me start by saying that it is a real pity that so many charming old buildings in Zurich are being torn down to be replaced by soulless, shiny glass monsters. I understand that economically it may be more attractive to build another 50 story high tower with apartments instead of having a cool event location. But doesn’t the city already have enough heavily overpriced and therefore empty apartments yet?

The event was held in an soon-to-be-destroyed factory and fully decorated with furniture from a thrift shop. Every table, chair and lamp was different however the overall picture was inviting.

 The Food:

A surprise menue is always a risk. For the guests but also for the chef. If you go too funky and experimental on the plates you may disgruntle your attendees on the otherhand you want to showcase some skills.

We were served the following courses:

  1. Amouse Bouche: Oysters. 1 raw, 1 baked. Accompanied by a shot of Bloody Mary.
  2. Starter: Medium-rare Barberie duck breast on caramelized endive.
  3. First: Ricotta Ravioli with lemon foam and parmesan.
  4. Second: Veal crêpinette with bacon, parsnips, savoy cabbage and mashed potatoes with truffle.
  5. Cheese platter: Selection de maître Antony
  6. Dessert: Trilogy Felchlin grand cru (mousse, fondant and sorbet)
  7. Friandises and coffee

Wine: Mas Martinet, Bru Priorat, 2011


Host and staff: Warm welcome, super friendly, very skilled and attentive but without being annoying. 10 Points

Dinner: High quality and fresh ingredients,  well cook But ed, fair servings. 8 Points

18 out of 20 is a very good result. Why did I rate the food lower than the other aspects of the night?  Well, because although everything was perfectly cooked and tasty I missed the wow effect. A little more creativity wouldn’t have hurt. And savoy cabbage is not really my cup of tea. But this is complaining on a very high level and people have different tastes.

On the bright side, I haven’t had such a relaxed dinner in a very long time and it is actually a pity that this is not a permanent thing.