Bvlgari Man in Black – Smells like suited men’s spirit

To receive a perfume bottle for free is nice. And if it is from Bvlgari it is even nicer. (thanks so much dear THE POOL team!)

To receive the fragrance while being in bed with a flu and not being able to smell is nasty. It feels like getting a car for your 18th birthday and not having a driver’s licence. The only advantage of the current situation is that it would be for once great to ride public transportation (if you were fit enough to do so) – imagine catching a train without the stench of Redbull, kebap, greasy hair and wet dogs. Not to speak of feet, old sweat and beer. It would be like having super powers! The downside would be of course that you could never smell things like a new pair of Jordans, summer rain or a baby.

So I had to be patient and wait for my supernatural powers to vanish before being able to write my review. In the meantime I did some research and now I finally know why Bvlgari is spelled with a “V” instead of an “U” (the Greeks) and that the Italian company was founded over 130 years ago in the eternal city.

Now that I am trying to avoid public transport again, I am entitled to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance. And I do not say this lightly because I am quite picky when it comes to my nose.

The perfume smells very elegant and despite the sweet touch it is still masculine. It is something that reminds me of a black suit and white shirt and e drink in a tumbler glass in a nice lounge or bar. If it were colours I would say orange-brown-black.

Before I get all esoteric, just go to a store and try it yourself.

Smell you later!