Back to the Boots

One of the few advantages of winter is the fact that you can wear finally your boots. Usually they are heavy, sturdy, dirty and almost impossible to kill. I think I still own a pair of Timberland Boots back from my Wu-Tang days….

The fact that boots are very often put into context with either military gear, cowboys or bikers makes you feel confident and manly and ready to go out there to fight the elements. Not to mention that it is the only acceptable way to grow an inch (did you hear Monsieur le ex-Président?) and finally look one inch less stupid next to your Louboutin-wearing, 7-foot tall supermodel girlfriend. This -and the fact that we are a consumer society- are the reason why we keep on buying new boots every season.

This year I found a great pair of very stylish italian boots. I will admit that it took me a minute to decide if I shall like them or not, and some convincing from my very tall and gorgeous girlfriend, but with hindsight I do not regret the decision.

I especially like the amount of detail and the finishing; and on top of it the boots are comfortable as hell because they are real lightweights. It’s almost as if you would be walking around in sneakers- sneakers that could win a war…at least a style war.