Casapueblo – Sunset Deluxe

Let me start with a confession:

This article has no academic value; at all. Just because I was too cheap to pay the entry fee into Carlos Paez Vilaro’s workshop and museum. If you don’t know who Carlos Paez Vilaro is then the academic part is anyway redundant and if you do let me tell you that paying 11$ to enter the restaurant is already enough money for art. For the sake of fairness it needs to be said that the 11$ can be used as a voucher in the restaurant, which will be just enough to buy you a fruit juice.

Now that my sins should have been forgiven, I can finally tell you that he part I saw was still stunning. The house is a wild mix of Gaudí on spring break in Santorini. It was built without plans and evolved from a small cabin into a 13 story high maze of curved lines. It took the artist 36 years to complete it and the most amazing and spectacular thing – apart from its architecture – is the sunset on the atlantic ocean that can be watched from any of the terraces of the building.

Apparently you can listen every evening during sunset to a poem recited by CVP himself if you happen to be in the part of the house I wasn’t. I just had to content myself with silence, a drink and a breathtaking view.